Lakos TwistIIClean 1 1/2″ | Inline Well Water Filtration System


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Lakos TwistIIClean Inline Water Filter

TwistIIClean is an easy to use sediment filter for home use. It can remove sand, sediment, and organics from the incoming water supply.


            Manufacturer: Lakos

            Model: T2C-150-100

            Mesh #: 100

            Inlet/Outlet: 1 1/2” MPT

            Purge: 3/4″ MPT

            Typical Application:

Home water well, agricultural and landscape irrigation, misting systems, pools, spas, and more.


• No disassembly to clean

• Filter element flushes completely clean in less than 20 seconds

• Easy maintenance by homeowner – requires no tools, no fuss

• No need to turn off water to clean (eliminates air in system)

• Rugged design installs indoors or outdoors

• Stainless steel filter element lasts for years

Just Twist to Clean:

Just a gentle 1/4 TWIST of the handle begins the patented reverse flushing action,

and the TWISTIICLEAN backwashes itself from inside-out. Just a few seconds later, all

debris are forcefully cleaned off the filter element and flushed from the bottom port.

Entire cleaning process takes less than 20 seconds

Innovative NEW Technology!

• No Mess

• No Disassembly

• No Leaks

• No Tools Required

• Rugged Design Works With All Plumbing Systems

Materials of Construction:

Glass-filled polypropylene/acrylic body with EPDM seal at top of clear bowl,

Viton seal at bottom of element filter, and stainless steel screen.

Over 200% larger stainless steel screen area lasts for years, collects maximum debris between cleanings.

Clear bowl shows when filter needs cleaning.




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Weight 4.25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 6 in


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