Amatek Air Volume Control


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Ametek Air Volume Control

Manufacturer: Ametek
Model: WJ
Product Information:

  • Air volume control for deep well water pump systems.
  • Includes installation instructions.
  • This item is designed to be used in water well systems that have pressure tanks without a bladder or diaphragm.
  • The air volume control is for use with pumping systems which supply excess of air to the storage tank. It maintains the correct ratio of air and water in the tank by automatically bleeding off air through an adjustable pressure relief valve until the water level raises the float, thereby closing another port to the relief valve preventing further escape of air. Thus the “WJ” control will vent air only when the water level is below the maximum height of the float and the pressure in the tank is higher than the relief valve setting. By changing the setting of the relief valve the ration of air and water in the tank can be varied to give the best operation of the pumping system.

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